EU countries

With you can verify the validity of the VAT numbers of the EU countries mentioned below. Would you like to know how the VAT numbers of all EU member states are composed? Click here.

AT AT   Austria                     GR EL   Greece                       GB XI   Northern Ireland
BE BE   Belgium   HU HU   Hungary              PL PL   Poland 
BG BG   Bulgaria HR   Croatia PT PT   Portugal
CY CY   Cyprus EI IE   Ireland RO RO   Romania
CZ CZ   Czech Republic IT IT   Italy SI SI   Slovenia
DK DK   Denmark LV LV   Latvia SK SK   Slovakia
DE DE   Germany* LT LT   Lithuania ES ES   Spain*
EE EE   Estonia LU LU   Luxembourg SE SE   Sweden
FI FI   Finland MT MT   Malta        
FR FR   France    NL NL   Netherlands                         

* These countries do NOT provide the company data of a verified VAT number.