Validate VAT numbers automatically via an API

If you have a self-developed billing system or shop system and you check VAT numbers on a regular base, we have an API-connector available. This connector allows you to automatically check VAT numbers from your own system.

If you register for this webservice, you can  choose how many checks you need per day. You buy the checks in advance for a certain period. You can increase the number of checks and months at any time.

How does it work?
You sign up for 50 checks per day and pay €14,50 a month. You can check up to 50 VAT numbers a day  with the API. If you run less than 50 checks per day, the remaining checks will expire. Unused checks are not transmissible to the next day.

For each checked VAT number with a positive or negative result one check is deducted. When a validation fails, , there will be no check deducted. The result of each validation will return via the SOAP interface. If you log into your account you'll get a list of all VAT numbers checked that day and, if necessary, you can increase the number of checks per day immediately.

Are you interested in using our API-connector? Please register here. Further instructions and documentation are to found on the website after registration.

API test account
You can test the API with the following data: 
Username: test
Guid: test

You can use the VAT numbers below to test the API. With any other VAT number an error message will appear.
NL000000000B01 > correct VAT number
NL000000000B02 > correct VAT number with address
NL000000000B03 > incorrect VAT number 
NL000000000B04 > check failed

10 checks per day           € 9,50 a month*
50 checks per day           € 14,50 a month*
100 checks per day         € 21,50 a month*
250 checks per day         € 34,50 a month*
500 checks per day         € 49,50 a month*
1000 checks per day       € 64,50 a month*

*prices are excluding VAT

More information
The API-connector is a webservice in XML. Would you like some more information about the structure of the WSDL? Click here